Wednesday, 12 March 2014

A year in the trade

This time last year we were starting out on our first year of trading. What a year it was! I feel more prepared going into this new growing season for the challenges which lay ahead. Growing plants for a living is an amazing job, and for someone like me who started out on this path to fulfil my passion for plants it allows me to indulge that passion and try to make a living at the same time...

It's not as idyllic as it may sound though, as anyone that runs a nursery will tell you there is seldom a spare minute to stop and enjoy the plants you are growing. Add to that the fact you spend a lot of time doing paperwork and menial tasks and I guess the reality of running your own business becomes clear.That said I can't imagine being employed by someone else again and I cannot imagine doing anything else with my life! 

Eryngium x zabelii 'Jos Eijking'

We attended quite a few plant fairs last year and met some great people on our travels. Our plants and ethos were well received by most and the quality of our plants hopefully shone through. My favourite fair had to be at Yarlington House in Somerset, it's a very well attended fair and had a real buzz. Plant Fairs are a great way for people that love plants to find unusual treasure that are hard to get, all the nurseries offer great quality plants and the prices are very reasonable in comparison to your local garden centre.

Our display at Chettle House in Dorset 2013.

After a few years work at the nursery site I am finally starting to see my vision become a reality. Things are much more organised now and all the little parts are fitting into place nicely. I will post some progress pics of what we have been doing soon, for now here is one of our new labels. All the descriptions written by yours truly, It's a hard task trying to fit all the information about a plant into a few little lines but I think I'm getting there.

New labels!

Marley enjoying the polytunnel.